11 January 2008

Why did the opossum cross the road?

Posted by todd under: Riding; Riding in the Bluegrass .

OpussumYou know you’re in the South when an opossum runs in front of you during your ride home.

This ugly fella (or gal) gallumphed down the bank on the right side of the road, barely made it across in front of me, then stopped by the curb to watch me pass. (For those of you in Lexington, it was behind Central Baptist Hospital.)

If you have never seen an opossum in action, you are missing out. His top gear approximates the walking speed of a three-legged dog. Good thing for him that it’s not survival of the fastest.

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doc Says:

12 January 2008 at 8:53 am.

Most possums I come across are flat….very flat.

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