12 August 2008

Buckled and ready to roll!

Posted by todd under: Burley D'Lite; Riding with children .

Actually, they really like it in there!

You wouldn’t know from this picture, but the younger one loves to ride in the Burley. It is getting so every time I open the garage when he is outside, he runs ahead of me, climbs into the trailer and starts pointing and making noises for me to put on his helmet.

His sister likes to ride with the screen open — I guess this is the 3-year-old equivalent of riding in a convertible with the top down.

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About the picture atop the page

Yes, that's me, Todd Van Campen. No, I'm not wearing a helmet. Yes, I usually wear one, so please don't scold! Seriously, I endorse wearing a helmet! Pinky swear! In fact, I almost ALWAYS wear one (while riding a bike anyway). (On the other hand, if YOU don't want to wear a helmet, I have no problem with it.) I don't remember what happened on this particular day. Fortunately for all of us it makes for a less-nerdly picture. My exceptionally talented professional photographer friend Charles Bertram took this photo.



Art for art’s sake

I asked my 6-year-old son, Caleb, an avid bicyclist and artist, to draw a bike for me. I think he did a great job!




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