12 August 2008

Uptown 8 full chaincase question: What about lubing?

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Reader Teri Astley has a great question about the Breezer Uptown 8’s full chaincase. I haven’t yet seen the chaincase in person, so I forwarded the question to Breezer Bicycles owner Joe Breeze. His answer is below. (Note: I pulled this from the comments from Breezer Uptown 8 chaincase update.)

Greasing the “New” Uptown 8 Chain??

I’m FINALLY retiring my ‘72 Schwinn Suburban 5 speed (having completely worn out sprockets & chain) & so am in the market for a replacement commuter bike.

After reading LOTS of web reviews (MANY thanks to the 6-Miler) I put my money down & ordered an Uptown Classic yesterday, only to learn today that they’re no longer available from Breezer :(

I’m sold on the 8th gear & hub-driven lights, & like the idea of the Senso auto switch, therefore prefer the Uptown to the Villager BUT AM CONCERNED about dis-ease of lubing the chain with a full chaincase rather than the chain guard that leaves the chain partially exposed.

The sales literature mentions an “access panel” in the new chaincase. Can anyone tell me how accessible the chain is?? Am I going to regret the upgrade from a Villager everytime I need to grease the chain??

Many thanks for your insights!!

Here’s Joe Breeze’s answer:

“As you know, the big plus of the chaincase is reduced maintenance. Yes, it protects clothing from the chain much better than a chainguard, but a clean chain was what I was looking forward to most. The chain on the Classic Uptown8 still gets grimy.

I’ve seen hammered bikes from the 1950s with chains that have been sequestered away in chaincases. They are like new! I don’t think anyone ever found the “access panel.”

But the Breezer chaincase does have an access panel, and it’s relatively convenient to remove. This rear-quarter panel can removed by removing just two screws.”


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