22 December 2007

One simple step to keeping your feet dry

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It’s no fun to ride with wet feet.

It’s less fun to walk around the office in your socks, while your shoes sit under your desk stuffed with newspapers, because they dry quicker that way. (Yes, I KNOW this is goofy, but I have done it.)

Burley shoe coverI’ve tried hauling an extra pair of shoes and socks on my rear rack, double-bagged with plastic shopping bags. I’ve tried keeping a dry pair of shoes and socks at work as a backup. And I have tried riding with plastic bags over my feet.

All of these methods work, to a greater or lesser extent. But by far the best things I’ve done to keep the dogs dry is to buy a pair of shoe covers.

Mine are nylon, with a zipper up the side (that’s them in the picture). They are made by Burley, and they are great; unfortunately, Burley is no longer making raingear. (If you wear an extra-small, you might be in business — Lexington’s own Pedal the Planet and this site still list the Burley shoe covers in this size.)

However, there are other options. Check here for shoe covers that look similar to mine (I have never tried any of them, but if I were going to, I would pick this one), or Peter White sells rewaterproofable waxed cotton Carradice Duxback shoe covers (see a picture of them here).

Shoe covers generally cost $30 to $50. If I were buying the covers now, I would try the Carradice model. It costs $23 from Peter (shipping not included).

This is an essential piece of gear for everyday riding, especially if you want to wear your work shoes on the bike. A good pair of shoe covers will keep your feet completely dry. I have worn the Burleys in some torrential downpours over several years and they have not failed me yet.

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Go Bent Bikes Says:

9 December 2008 at 9:18 pm.

I was browsing the net to list our shoe covers on ebay. and i came across your site! Just wanted to let you know that WE still have Burley Shoe Covers! =D ( M, L, XL, XXL)

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