15 December 2007

Things people say, No. 3

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Response: This one usually comes from a well-meaning colleague at the end of a night shift. It’s really dark. Maybe it’s raining, or even snowing(!). They don’t want me to get wet, cold, or run over.

I appreciate the concern. But I have lights (a headlight and at least two taillights), an electric-yellow jacket, and all the gear I need to stay dry.

I can remember accepting a ride maybe five times over 6+ years of commuting — once or twice because it was raining cats and dogs and I had left the raingear at home; a time or two because of ice; and a couple of times to talk with the driver during the drive (plus he had a truck — it was very easy to toss the bike in the back).

Otherwise, the answer has been, and will continue to be: “No, thanks!”

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