28 December 2007

Trigger-finger mittens, sans trigger

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Trigger-finger mittensWhen it gets too cold to commute in my thin-type ragg-wool gloves, I switch over to my Army surplus trigger-finger mittens.

From about 40 degrees down to about 30 degrees, give or take, I wear the wool liners by themselves. When it gets colder than 30 (or so) I wear the liners inside the mittens.

I like the extra dexterity I get from having the index finger out there by itself. And I like that the mittens’ cuff goes up over the forearm — that’s one less place the wind can get in.

Do the chicks dig ’em? Well, let’s put it this way … they’re not exactly stylish. But you can’t have everything.

You can get the mittens here for $25 plus shipping, or check your local Army surplus outlet (I got mine at a place near Winchester, Ky., that’s now closed.)

I used the long string for a while before I got tired of it and took it off. The string ties to the end of each mitten and goes up one sleeve, across the shoulders, and down the other sleeve — just like the string on little kids’ mittens. I have been wearing the mittens for a couple of winters now, and they are holding up well.

(Ironically, the mittens are no good for shooting — the index finger is too bulky to fit in the trigger guard on my SKS rifle.)

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