30 January 2008

Trouble with O2 3Flow Performance Series rain pants

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Those of you who read my previous good review of the 3Flow Performance Series rain pants will be interested in this update: The pants have been failing me recently.

I am giving the company a chance to respond properly, and my continuing recommendation of the pants depends on their response.

Below I am reprinting the e-mail I just sent to Adam Ziskin, owner of Rainshield, which manufactures the pants.

I will let you know when I get a reply.

Dear Mr. Ziskin:

I have owned a pair of your 3Flow Performance Series rain pants for about two years. (I also own the 3Flow jacket, and the Cycling Series jacket and pants.)

I wear the pants as needed, over my work clothes, during my daily bicycle commute of 3 miles each way. They did their job well, until recently.

During several recent rides to work in rain, the pants leaked water through the right leg. My pants were wet behind the knee and down the calf.

For rain pants from a company as reputable as yours, with the relatively light use my pants have gotten, this might be considered less-than-desirable performance, and I am wondering what remedy RainShield might offer.

Thanks for considering my correspondence.

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