26 June 2008

Ride in Crocs? Yes, we can

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UPDATE 8/1/08: Check out Jason Nunemaker’s endorsement of riding naked! (Hey pal, you’re welcome in my clique anytime!)


A little bit of a footwear ramble here: I love my Crocs. I don’t wear them to work (although one of my colleagues does!) or to church, but they’re good for just about everything else — including bike rides around town.

Grant Peterson advocates Crocs for riding, as do I, but with a few reservations.

Yesterday I rode about 6 miles through Lexington in Crocs on the XO-1 (outfitted with MKS GR-9 pedals). The Crocs fit great into the toe clips, and grip the pedals well. Plus, I love the ventilation. But after the first couple of miles, the outside of my right foot started to hurt. I’ve had a similar result with this footwear-pedal combo in the past, although, like I say, everything is fine for first couple of miles — so it’s great for most of my errands.

I’ve ridden in Crocs all over creation on my Breezer Uptown 8, pulling a trailerful of kids, and have not had any problem.

I think the difference is that the Breezer has no foot retention, so my foot is flatter on the pedal, compared with the GR-9, which puts the ball of my foot on the pedal.

If you have a pair of Crocs, don’t hesitate to ride with ’em. If nothing else you can help dispel the myth that bike riding requires absurd shoes and silly pedals.

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Matt Says:

28 June 2008 at 9:11 am.

I broke the “button” that holds the heel strap on my crocs while riding. The crank arm caught the heel strap and snapped the button off. The Crocs company was great though. I placed an order online for a replacement and they sent me about 8 buttons and didn’t charge me a cent, even for shipping. I recommend getting a few extras just in case if you plan to ride with your crocs.

VeloMatt Says:

6 August 2008 at 12:50 pm.

I have had the same button problem. No biggie. I got a pair of the heavy-duty Crocs – “Bistros” much better grip on the pedal ! They have real rubber soles and a stiffer upper. I am using BMX rat-trap style platform pedals. No straps. I commuting everyday with no issues. I second the “absurd shoes and silly pedals” notion !

Colin Says:

5 September 2008 at 7:10 pm.

Personally, I think Crocs fit much better into the “absurd shoes” category than most bike shoes.

Greg Doggett Says:

18 December 2008 at 12:18 pm.

From May to Sept. I commuted 16 to 21 miles one way 3 days a week on Crocs Caymens with Rivendell Grip King pedals.
I did two bike camper weekends with 50 miles a day and the same combo.
Its winter here in Va. and Ive switched to Samba Classics….but when warm weather returns I’ll be back in the Crocs!!!!
Awesome cycling shoe and only 7.8 oz. in size 13!!!

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