19 December 2008

Riding in Crocs, serious mileage edition

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Greg Doggett checks in with a great comment on my post about riding in Crocs:

From May to Sept. I commuted 16 to 21 miles one way 3 days a week on Crocs Caymens with Rivendell Grip King pedals. I did two bike camper weekends with 50 miles a day and the same combo. It’s winter here in Va. and I’ve switched to Samba Classics….but when warm weather returns I’ll be back in the Crocs!!!! Awesome cycling shoe and only 7.8 oz. in size 13!!!

Greg, man, that’s some serious riding and a great testimony to the utter lack of need, in most cases (especially if you’re not racing, which most of us aren’t), for special “cycling shoes.”

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Steve Says:

26 May 2009 at 8:02 pm.

Love the comment about the helmet. I think it might just fit in with the utter lack of need as mentioned about the bike shoes! People rode for years without helmets! They are way over priced, and unless racing or Mt. Biking how often do you crash? Its a trend that the manufacturers slowly sold to the biking world!

John Says:

18 May 2010 at 10:29 pm.

I’ll agree that cycling shoes aren’t always the best tool for the job–especially when commuting to/from work. I will never, ever, ever agree with the helmet comment, however. After flying over the handlebars at 20 mph to avoid a driver that didn’t read their stop sign, I will never ride without a helmet. In that case, the helmet did its job–it broke instead of my head. The EMT on the scene said that when he saw my helmet, he was awfully worried.

People rode for years without helmets–and died for years without helmets.

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