10 December 2009

Shoe cover options

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I have used Burley shoe covers for several years. Shoe covers are a must for bike commuting in my opinion — they let you ride in your everyday shoes, and their convenience more than makes up for the initial cost. (This from a guy who used to wear plastic shopping bags to keep his shoes dry. This does work — usually — but it’s ugly and unreliable.)

My Burley shoe covers are now starting to wear out — I repaired both with duct tape this week — and unfortunately the company does not make them any more. I am starting to look for other options. Here are two:

Showers Pass. makes a cover similar to Burley’s. I can’t vouch for them, having never used them, but here’s someone else’s review.

J&G also makes a waterproof shoe cover. Theirs is a little cheaper, and comes in more sizes.

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ScottNorthSide Says:

3 January 2010 at 4:01 pm.

When I first took up daily commuting to work in the summer of 07 I purchased the Louis Garneau Stop-tech shoe covers. They did fine at first. But over time I noticed water leaking in in spots. That was OK except for on those days where the rain was coming down in buckets. Then they tended to leak like crazy. So I searched around for a replacement shoe cover. And found the J&G’s. They looked well built but the first rain I rode in they leaked. So I splurged on the Showers Pass Touring shoe cover. Talk about rugged and well built. Those things can handle anything you put them thru. I wear them in a downpour and my feet stay totally dry. I just wish they fit over my LL Bean Snow Sneakers to give me more protection from the cold. But they don’t. Outside of that they make for a dependable three-season shoe cover. And I always have them packed away in my pannier just in case. They accompany my O2 Rainshield pants to give me total protection from the rain. The Showers Pass rainjacket I’ve worn does the rest.

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