Who is The 6-Miler?

Short answer: Todd Van Campen, an every-day bicycle commuter for 6+ years!

— Check out the page on 2008 commuter bikes
— Look for reviews of gear that passes or fails the everyday-rider test, tips for the bicycle commuter and tales from my daily 6 miles.
— Read all about the Breezer Uptown 8! (I really like mine.)

Keep reading for an overview of what’s happening here:

After my wife and I sold one of our two cars seven years ago, I committed to bicycle commuting, come rain, wind, sleet, snow, sun, moon or clouds. Ice — now that’s another story.

I live in Lexington, Ky. I ride 3 miles to work each way, every weekday. Or night, if I’m working second shift. Each leg of the trip takes me about 20 minutes to a half-hour, killing any abiding hopes that I might be the next Lance.

I ride in my work clothes (usually chinos and a button-up shirt or polo shirt). I don’t wear cycling-specific shoes, Spandex shorts or a jersey covered with ads, but you might notice my electric-yellow rain jacket. And of course, just about everybody looks ridiculous in a bike helmet.

I love riding to work. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I think if more people tried it, they would like it too.

I have learned a couple things about PRACTICAL bicycling, and I have found some great stuff that makes my ride better. I have had a hard time finding reviews of bikes and bike-related stuff for my type of riding, so I decided to write some myself.

Since I ride in all weather I have tried lots of gear. You can expect to find reviews of gloves, raingear, hats, bike helmets, and lights. I ride a Breezer Uptown 8 or a Bridgestone XO-1 these days, so look for info about these and past bikes. There will also be some road-warrior stories, and some do-it-yourself descriptions.

I hope you find all this useful, or at least fun to read.

I am not a bike mechanic, a racer or a veteran of cross-country tours. I am just an average guy who knows by experience what works and what doesn’t — for me.

Your mileage may vary. Comments are welcome.

I hope that my entries here might encourage the perception that bikes work great as practical transportation. Two wheels doesn’t mean “toy” at my house.

When I’m leaving work on a sunny day, co-workers sometimes tells me: “It’s a good day to ride.”

My standard response: “They all are.”

— Todd Van Campen

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About the picture atop the page

Yes, that's me, Todd Van Campen. No, I'm not wearing a helmet. Yes, I usually wear one, so please don't scold! Seriously, I endorse wearing a helmet! Pinky swear! In fact, I almost ALWAYS wear one (while riding a bike anyway). (On the other hand, if YOU don't want to wear a helmet, I have no problem with it.) I don't remember what happened on this particular day. Fortunately for all of us it makes for a less-nerdly picture. My exceptionally talented professional photographer friend Charles Bertram took this photo.



Art for art’s sake

I asked my 6-year-old son, Caleb, an avid bicyclist and artist, to draw a bike for me. I think he did a great job!




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